Gro Plus 50g

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Gro-Plus is a nitrogen free fertilizer used for treatment for all crop seeds; both farm-saved local and hybrid seeds. It contains phosphate (P2O5) and Potash (K2O) which makes plants germinate faster and improves the crop vigor. It is made from 100% plant nutrients and has a moderately low pH. It is highly pure and compatible with other fertilizers applied normally during crop life. It is used as a starter fertiliser, which has shown valuable means of giving a seed an early boost, promoting root growth and strong establishment. Gro Plus can be used in a wide range of planting seeds such as cereals (maize, wheat, millet & sorghum) and in vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, kales, melons, butternut, carrots, onions, peas, beans and any seed directly planted in nursery or on the field. Application Rate for maize and beans is to treat 2 Kg of seeds with 50 gm Gro-plus


50g, 250ml, 1litre