Roundup® TURBO

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Roundup® TURBO is a soluble concentrate containing 450 g/ℓ glyphosate, present as 607 g/ℓ of the potassium salt of glyphosate. It is a unique formulation of glyphosate containing 25% more active ingredients than the standard Roundup 360 formulation. It can used as a pre-plant in maize where the farmer can plant maize five days after application. The glyphosate is absorbed into the weed plant through its leaves and soft stalk tissue before being transported throughout the weed to the roots, nodules and bulbs. Glyphosate is rapidly inactivated when it comes into contact with soil since it is absorbed onto soil particles and thus cannot be taken up by the roots. Its unique action in weed involves the inhibiting of a single enzyme only found in the weed plant. Therefore, it only controls weed and not micro-organisms or animals and insects. Roundup® TURBO contains Transorb™ technology for faster absorption and translocation for faster uptake and symptoms. It is rainfast within two hours of spraying and shows greater consistency in a wider range of weather conditions. Application rate is 150ml to 200ml in 20 liters of water depending on age of weeds.


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