Gasoline Tiller Cultivator Weeder

KSh 38,000.00
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This machine is designed as a suitable alternative for economic soil cultivation. It is indicated for use on small fields, rough terrains. furrow ridges, greenhouses, maize fields, orchard, gardens, Each set of this indispensable multipurpose machine comes with options for tilling, weeding, cutting depending on how the crop spacing. It is also enabled for back carriage with flexible power options. Max power 1.0w/6500 rpm. Fuel tank capacity is 0.6 L. Fuel used is gasoline. Consumes 3 to 4 liters of fuel to weed an acre in under 2 hours. Net weight is 12.2 kgs. Length of weed tiller machine is 10cm.Complete set comes with brushing cutting head, harrowing head and weeding head.